About Project of Hope Foundation, Ghana
Project of Hope Foundation, Ghana (POHF) is a registered nonprofit organization in Ghana founded by Rev. Fr. Francis V. Odoom. The foundation has two teams of volunteers and partners in Ghana and Iowa, U.S.A.
I thirst campaign

‘I thirst’ campaign is focused on supporting deprived communities without access to safe drinking water to own a borehole (underground water well). The bore-hole source of water is cleaner and safer for drinking than what several communities rely on. Through this campaign 16 wells have been solely funded by individuals and friends from Eastern Iowa,

Matthew 25 Initiative

Our Matthew 25 initiative is yet to rollout. Here we will be working with poor communities in the areas of need such as providing used cloths and community economic empowerment initiatives. Basically, we will be mobilizing Christians to donate an extra shirt, a pair of trousers (pants), skirt blouse, slit and kaba etc that could put a smile on someone else face.

Our Story: How it all begun

Project of Hope Foundation, Ghana, was formed in 2018 to offer a charitable response to the lack of safe drinking water in deprived communities in Ghana. We were inspired by St. John’s account of Jesus’ request for drinking water when he hung on the cross dying for the sins of humankind (John 19:28). When he said ‘I thirst’ it was shocking that humanity (represented by the soldier beneath the cross) could not even give him a cup of water to quench his thirst but rather handed him vinegar on a sponge.

Today, Jesus’ voice continues to reecho through all who are thirsty in the slums, communities, towns, villages, and cities of the world, who are deprived of the opportunity to have safe drinking water. Motivated by the cry of the Messiah for water in the gospel, we were convinced that if we all gave just a cup of safe water, we will be able to quench the thirst for water on our streets and in communities.

We decided to form an organization that represents hope for so many people; one that talks to others about the needs of others; one that mobilizes meager resources to bring about the needed change that communities seek.

It is estimated that about 22% of Ghanaians have no access to safe drinking water. This practically means that families must go in search of water for use at home. People walk long distances to streams, rivers, creeks, ponds and from whatever sources of water they could find. Our little intervention in this direction continues to bring real hope to those in need of safe drinking water. In Ghana, it is evident that drinking unsafe water has led to several consequences such as water borne diseases and death. POH is the collaborative efforts of people who share the vision to bring hope to people without the hope having safe drinking water.


To respond to Jesus’ call to give water to the thirsty and help those in need in the Ghanaian society.


Our vision is to bring hope to the poor by organizing a charitable response to the need for safe water in deprived communities.

How we intervene?
Which communities do not have water to drink? Where is their source of water? Who are the people that live here; tell us your stories.
Is this a real problem? What is our common interpretation of what we see? Upon what do we base our interpretation?
How do we help them out? How much does it cost? What are the people willing to do for themselves? What do the people want? How do we collaborate to realize our common end?
The people are hungry and there is no food here to feed them.
I know a boy with five loaves and two fish.
I know a boy with five loaves and two fish.